Testimonial from Client R:

Disclaimer: Synde is a friend of mine. She has helped me in many ways as I am trying to live a more natural lifestyle concerning my health. Our family is using Breezey to help with allergies and Deliverance to help with fighting germs and infections. Synde made me some natural skin care and it has truly made a difference in my skin. She suggested adding Frankincense to my skin care routine and for the first time the pores on my nose have shrunk! No expensive toner ever did that!

My husband uses Millenia to help with snoring and we always have Lavender around for those bumps, bruises, itchy bites and stings.

I would suggest to anyone wanting to help their family and themselves lead a life using natural remedies to book a consultation with Synde. It is well worth it!

Testimonial from Laura S:

Synde is amazing! She has helped me with allergies, hip pain and coughing problems due to asthma. If you want someone who will work with you and cares about your health-Synde is the person for you. I couldn't live without her!!!

Testimonial from Lynn C:

"I have suffered for years with allergies at certain times of the year. I get a sore throat which often leads to laryngitis, I cough, sneeze, have runny itchy eyes, etc. I heard about Synde from a friend and decided to give aromatherapy a try. Synde made some suggestions and boy! what a difference it has made this spring so far! I use an inhaler with Breezy in it, I use a sore throat cream she made for me and used her wonderful homemade herbal cough syrup. She started me out slowly so as to not overwhelm me. I am up for anything she suggests! Thank you, Synde!"

Testimonial from Ali:

I have known Synde for a little over a year and am continuing to learn more from this wonderful woman every time I am around her. The extent of her knowledge is vast and her training appears to be the real deal. I now appreciate more than ever the extent of awareness that one needs to have when working with herbs of any kind. Synde is incredibly caring and has a natural remedy for everything. My skin has improved, my heartburn in pregnancy is better, no more cough and my house and yoga studio always smell like a little bit of heaven!

> Most people don't think of calling an aromatherapist for their needs, but with Synde you are getting much more than a woman who knows her scents, you are getting a healer who is dedicated to changing the way you heal yourself.

Thank you, Ali! What a wonderful vote of confidence. I used essential oils, herbs and homeopathy with Ali.

Testimonial from Sharon:

"My menopausal symptoms included bouts of anxiety/panic attacks. I had tried vitamins, yoga, deep breathing, with minimal results. A friend suggested that I try pharmaceuticals but I didn't want to go that route. So, I contacted my long time friend, Synde, who told me about Tranquility essential oil blend. Within a very short amount of time I felt myself relaxing and handling life better. Sleep comes faster too! I also tried Balance for even more menopausal relief. I am feeling more like myself every day. Love it! "

Testimonial: "I have suffered with herpes blisters for most of my adult life. I have used many different commercially made remedies. It usually takes a few days for me to get relief. Synde fixed a special oil blend for me to use and it worked almost immediately! I will never go back to the drugstore again for this! " anonymous Thank you for your wonderful testimony! Recipe is below. Hopefully I can keep you away from the drugstore forever! 1 drop Melissa, 1 drop Sandalwood and 1 drop Eucalyptus (radiata or globulus) in 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Apply to the herpes blister. Be very careful not to touch the surrounding skin with the oil.

Testimonial from Susan:

"I made an appointment with Synde because I was suffering with aching in my legs. After she asked me many questions, Synde made a salve to rub on. I don't have varicose veins but the aching could have been related to inflammation of surface veins showing on the back of my legs. After just 4 days of using this salve, my aching is very minimal and only if I have been standing or sitting for extended periods of time! Thank you, Synde!!!! Also, a plus was the salve smelled like cocoa butter and vanilla, not stinky alcohol and whatever else is in that cream I used to use!"

Thank you for sharing your story, Susan. I am so glad it helped


Quote from a new convert using an oil blend for acute arthritis pain: "I think that stuff's working 'cause I'm thinking more about my back than my knees these days." (I did tell him to use it on his back too!)

It's so exciting to have a total non-believer have such good results from using our oils. This is why I do this. To help someone in such pain feel better is the best reward!

Testimonial from Nancy K:

"I have been using an allergy blend of oils for several months now. Typically this time of year I will begin to "wheeze" at bedtime and it will cause me to have very poor sleep. Doctors have prescribed 2 different inhalers to help with this and usually they did. Since using the oils at night and in the morning I have not had to use my inhalers AT ALL. I love getting away from the prescribed medications that cost much more and always come with side effects. "

Wow, Nancy! Thank you for letting me know about your success with EO's. Nancy has been using a blend of lavender, lemon and peppermint layered with coconut oil. If you don't want to go through the trouble of self-blending, Breezy and Aspire are great blends and the work has already been done for you.


Testimonial from my son.:

"I had the flu and was having trouble breathing. My mom brought over some oils and a diffuser. She used homemade "vaporub", Aspire and Breezy for my breathing and SpiceC for an antiviral. She used the SpiceC blend in the diffuser. The oils helped me breathe and assisted in me recovering from the flu quickly.":

Thank you! So glad to help you get better.

Testimonial from Kim:

"Christmas Day I had been on my feet all day long. My back isn't in the best shape to begin with, but by the time our family had arrived it was really bothering me. I told Synde I was in a lot of pain. She told me she had something that would help. Did she ever! She applied her magical oils and showed me how to relax my back. Within minutes I was feeling much better and able to enjoy our family without thinking about my aching back. I bought the oils from Synde and I have applied them everyday since. They have made an awesome difference for me!"

Thank you, Kim. So glad it helped and could enjoy the day with the family! I used Deeper then layered Peppermint along with showing Kim some stretches and relaxation techniques.


Testimonial from Ann:

"I was having a lot of indigestion and nausea and hadn't gotten my order of InsideOut yet. I remembered Synde had mentioned peppermint would help so I grabbed my bottle and rubbed the oil all over where I felt sick. I also inhaled it, A LOT! Within the hour I felt better and the next morning had no symptoms! Thank you!"

Thank you, Ann! Great testimonial. I would suggest using a carrier oil so you can cover a larger area, but in a pinch, neat works! http://butterflyexpressoils.net/