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A little background on how I got started on this journey of helping others achieve wellness the natural way. Several years ago, I had been through my third round of antibiotics for sinus infections, felt lethargic and suffered from chronic diverticulitis. I was watching television and someone was talking about eating real food. I thought I ate real food, but to my dismay, found that I was not. I started small by purchasing my milk and eggs straight from a farm. I also started using raw, local honey as my sweetener. I worked with a nutritionist so that I could have the best information for my situation.


Then, at one of our WAPF (Weston A. Price Foundation) meetings, an aromatherapist introduced us to essential oils. I had never really heard of essential oils that much, especially how she showed us to use them. I started to read about them and use them slowly. Ever since then, I have not had another sinus infection! I would like to say it helped with my diverticulitis, but I was too far gone and had to have surgery. I am now using oils, herbs, homeopathy and diet to help prevent further damage.


I found that the more I used the oils, the more I enjoyed telling people about them when someone would mention a health issue they were having. That was my lightbulb moment! I work a full time job, so I struggled with the thought of starting a new business. But the pull to help others and share the benefits of these wonderful oils was too strong.


I have been studying essential oils with great determination. I am now a Certified Aromatherapist and on my way to having my Advanced Clinial Aromatherapy Certification. I have also had training in the use of Homeopathy and herbals so that I can give my clients more well-rounded guidance.


Please let me know if you have any questions about essential oils or anything else you see on this website. I am happy to help! I offer personal consultations for anyone interested in improving their health and living a chemical free lifestyle. Also, if you know of a group that would like me to lecture about the benefits of essential oils, etc. please forward my contact information.

Synde Rogers